GoldSpot in Denuo Tie-up

GoldSpot Media, which specializes in dynamic ad-insertion for Mobile TV and video, has entered into a partnership with Denuo, the media futures practice of marketing services holding company Publicis Groupe, S.A., to expand its insight into the behaviour and motivation of the mobile consumer, and to collaborate on the enhancement and development of the companys current and future Mobile TV and video advertising offerings.
GoldSpot Medias dynamic ad-insertion solution adapts the proven inventory and revenue-sharing business models used successfully in traditional TV and optimises them for the mobile medium.The end-to-end solution enables personalised, interactive ad insertion and replacement in rebroadcast TV content, as well as short clips over 3G. By leveraging Denuos knowledge of the mobile consumer thought and buying process, in addition to the evolving needs of the advertising buying community, GoldSpot says it can continue to advance its offerings to meet the Mobile TV and video ARPU projections of mobile service providers around the world.
As our Mobile TV and video advertising model is being evaluated by mobile service providers around the world, were constantly receiving feedback on a wide range of issues that will ultimately determine the viability of this new advertising media, says William Ganon, Senior Vice President of Advertising Strategy at GoldSpot Media. By partnering with Denuo, weve added the insight of some of the most knowledgeable, experienced and innovative thinkers in the global mobile advertising industry. The Denuo partnership bolsters our strategic capabilities and creates a collaborative development environment that ensures our products are meeting the needs and best practices of the mobile advertising industry.
Denuo will provide GoldSpot Media with insight into current advertising market demands, including planning and buying requirements for online, mobile and TV advertising, and guidance on advertising model priorities to generate value for all key players in the Mobile TV and video value chain.
We believe that there is a significant untapped market for Mobile TV and video advertising, says Denuo Senior Vice President of Ventures, Timothy Hanlon. Strategic, collaborative partnerships within the Mobile TV and video value-chain are the key to establishing sustainable business models and maximizing the advertising potential of the medium. GoldSpots unique mobile video advertising solution offers the potential to significantly enhance the business case for Mobile TV and video advertising.