Gomez Offers Free Mobile Web Test

Gomez, the web performance division of Compuware Corporation, has introduced a free Cross-Device Website Compatibility test that allows organizations to see if their web or mobile site displays correctly across selected smart mobile devices. The test is available here.

A recent Gomez study of over 1,000 US mobile internet users found that 58 per cent of them expect websites to load as quickly on their mobile phone as they do on their desktops.

The Gomez test displays how any web page renders across four mobile devices: iPhone 3GS, iPad, BlackBerry Storm 2 and Google Nexus One, to identify browser problems that may impact end users. Gomez says that organizations can use this information to identify web performance issues and ensure they do not result in lost revenue or brand damage.

“It’s very challenging for organizations to ensure their web applications work properly on all of the smart devices in today’s market,” says Eric Schurr, senior vice president of marketing at Gomez. “Most companies don’t have the time or resources to maintain a test lab for all of these devices. The free Gomez Cross-Device Website Compatibility test is a no-cost way for companies to identify device compatibility issues for their customers.”