Google Accelerates Mobile Ads with AMP Launches

A selection of Google Accelerated Mobile Pages
A selection of Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

After introducing its AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) last year, which aim to speed up loading times on mobile with simplified HTML, Google has launched a sister platform for similarly streamlined ads.

AMP for Ads enables the creation fast-loading ads using AMPs specific HTML, while AMP Landing Pages ensure that clicks on those ads lead to another AMP site.

The launch was announced by Google VP of display, video and analytics Paul Muret at the DoubleClick Leadership Summit event, alongside updates to its native ad offering intended to make the format easier to buy programmatically. Publishers will be able to sell native ad inventory on both web and apps programmatically, while advertisers can upload the basic components of their ad which DoubleClick will automatically convert into a format matching the app or site where it appears.

Finally, DoubleClick announced a partnership with Time Warner, which will see it working with all of the entertainment giant’s businesses, networks, brands and agencies globally on programmatic buying, ad serving, and measurement.

“Weve come a long way from ads that just blink text in blocky boxes – and yet we know there is still work to do,” said Muret. “Today’s announcements represent our continued commitment to help our clients and partners deliver better and faster ad experiences for users.”