Google enhances ad transparency with Performance Max shakeup

Google is set to enhance transparency and oversight for advertisers within its Search Partner Network.

As a result, advertisers using the tech giant Performance Max tool will gain access to better ad placements, via AI, within its Search Partner Network websites.

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The update, effective from 4 March 2024, offers advertisers more control over where their ads appear and allows them to exclude certain websites from showing their ads across the search giant’s platforms.

Some of Google’s search partners include platforms such as YouTube and Google Discover, alongside engines like and

Alongside the placement of adverts, the tech giant will also allow advertisers to bring in creative assets from sources such as Canva.

It will help to auto-generate performance-enhancing videos, the company revealed.

The move follows a report from Adalytics last year which found Google had placed several adverts on blacklisted sites, which included adverts for alcohol brands such as Smirnoff ads appearing on websites designed for children.

The news comes as Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis unveiled plans to relaunch its artificial intelligence image generator as soon as the next “couple of weeks”.

This follows the technology giant facing backlash after generating historically inaccurate and racially biased images.