Google debuts AI-powered search ad features

Google has integrated its AI model, Gemini, into its Google Ads platform in a bid to enhance advertising performance.

The tech giant announced its generative AI tools are now available for beta access to advertisers in the UK and USA.

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Global access will arrive for English-language advertisers in the coming weeks, the company revealed.

According to Google Ads VP and GM, Shashi Thakur the move is to make it simpler to create ad campaigns and help connect better with online search trends.

He said: “We’ve been actively testing Gemini to further enhance our ads solutions. And, we’re pleased to share that Gemini is now powering the conversational experience. It’s the first of many Gemini integrations to come.

The new tool was first announced last year and allows advertisers to give Google the URL for a website landing page, creating AI-generated search campaigns with relevant ad content, including copy, keywords and images.

Thakur added: “We share the industry’s enthusiasm for AI’s potential to unlock value for consumers and advertisers alike. New use cases — and opportunities — are emerging on a regular basis as AI continues to evolve quickly. And that’s why we think AI will continue to make our products even more useful.

“As we continue to explore what’s possible with AI, we remain committed to developing and applying this new technology responsibly.”

The news comes as the tech giant unveiled plans to invest $1 billion (£790 million) to build a new data centre in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, supporting AI innovation.