Google UK VP admits rise of AI ‘generates both excitement and fear about jobs’

Google UK&I Vice President and Managing Director, Debbie Weinstein, has admitted the rise of AI has generated “both excitement and fear about jobs”.

Speaking at the 2024 LEAD conference in London yesterday [8 February 2024], Weinsten said: “Yes, it is true that some jobs will disappear, many jobs will be changed and more jobs will be created that we can’t even imagine today.”

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“We want every business and sector to benefit from the potential of AI.”

She added: “The key to this will come from up-skilling people, equipping everyone with the skills to benefit in this AI driven world.

The news comes as the tech giant just announced its AI chatbot, Bard, has now rebranded to Gemini, launching a new app and subscription.

The rebrand follows on from Googles Chief Business Officer, Philipp Schindler revealed the advanced use of AI has not directly contributed to recent layoffs.

Last month, the search giant recently announced it was laying off hundreds of employees in its advertising sales team, following on from layoffs made in Google’s hardware, voice-assistance and engineering teams.