Google unveils new AI tools to help marketers ‘drive results faster’

Google has launched new AI tools to help marketers “think bigger, create bolder and drive results faster”.

Speaking at Google Marketing Live (GML) 2024, Vice President & General Manager of Google Ads, Vidhya Srinivasan unveiled the tech giant’s innovative strategy encompassing creative asset generation controls, immersive ad experiences, and enhanced visual storytelling features.

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She said: “This technology is helping us better meet advertisers’ needs and unlock new possibilities across the marketing process, from new immersive ads experiences to high-performing creative assets.”

As a result, the company has advertisers can now share font and colour guidelines in Performance Max, providing helpful image reference points to generate new asset variations. 

New image editing capabilities have also been launched allowing advertisers to add objects, extend backgrounds, and crop images to fit any format, size, and orientation.

Retailers can also highlight products from their Google Merchant Center feeds and leverage these editing capabilities, generating more recommendations to show products in various contexts and scenarios, Srinivasan stated.

The company also launched New immersive visuals for Shopping ads, such as virtual try-ons and generated 3D ads, allowing shoppers to engage deeply with products thanks to AI, alongside an expansion of Google’s Demand Gen campaigns, which launched last year.

These campaigns will soon be available to more advertisers on Display & Video 360 and Search Ads 360, the company stated.

Google also announced new formats and features for YouTube Shorts, including vertical ad formats and animated image ads.

Meanwhile, AI overviews in Search will launch in the US providing users with detailed, helpful information beyond traditional search results. According to Srinivasan, these overviews drive more traffic to a diverse range of websites, with links included in AI Overviews receiving more clicks than traditional web listings.

Srinivasan added: “Guided by our AI principles and customer feedback, these latest AI innovations will help marketers think bigger, create bolder and drive results faster. Google AI is there to assist, not replace: Human creativity, strategic insight and expertise will always be a marketer’s advantage.

“We also recognise that as exciting as these advancements are, the shift to AI is a lot to manage for many businesses. We’re being thoughtful about evolving our products with that in mind, and we look forward to your feedback along the way.”