Google and Levis unveil their smart denim jacket

Levis Commuter Trucker JacketLevi’s has teamed up with Google to introduce a connected denim jacket that enables the wearer to control their smartphone through the item of clothing.

The Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket can be used to control music, get directions, get the time, and receive updates on incoming calls and texts through an LED light and sleeve vibration – without the need to pull out a phone.

Powered by Jacquard, a connected apparel platform created by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group (Google ATAP) which enables clothes makers to integrate connectivity into clothing, the jacket is operated through gestures. It is connected to a phone wirelessly through electronics embedded in the sleeve and through a snap tag, which is the only tell-tale sign that this isn’t a normal jacket. The gestures are fully re-configurable through the Jacquard app, where the wearer can assign different gestures to trigger different features that the jacket provides.

The jacket can be washed just like a regular denim jacket, as long as the owner remembers to take off the snap tag. Google says it has been designed to comfortable for cycling, while keeping the wearer warm both on and off the bike.

Neither Levi’s or Google has provided a price for the jacket, but it goes on sale at select shops tomorrow (27 September), and will be available online in the US through and at select Levi’s stores next week.