Google and Nike Team To Create Real-Time Ads Based on Football Highlights

nike googleAs part of its Art, Copy & Code project aimed at creating innovative, technology-led approaches to advertising, Google has partnered with Nike to deliver a new ad system that reacted to what was being shown on TV during football games in real-time.

Using cartoon versions of a group of football players sponsored by Nike, the adverts would recreate notable moments in games within 10 seconds of them happening on-screen. These adverts were shown on Nikes desktop and mobile sites in 15 countries, using Googles traditional AdWords platform.

Fans who clicked on the adverts could then enter 3D version of the moments captured, transforming them into posters using stickers, filters and text and sharing them across multiple platforms.

“We looked at Googles search traffic and mobile web traffic in general, and you could watch the ebbs and flows of any individual game,” said Drew Ungvarsky, CEO at Grow, who worked with Nike and Google on the project. “A major event happens, theres a spike that people jump to their devices pretty massively.”

“Nike is always looking for new ways to innovate, not just through our athletes, products and stories but also in the way we connect with our consumers,” said Davide Grasso, chief marketing officer at Nike.