Google and Saleforce extend their data-sharing partnership

SalesforceBack in November, Google and Salesforce formed a partnership that led to the pair working together to connect the Salesforce CRM with G Suite in order to provide companies with a better knowledge of their customers across all of Google’s products. Now the pair have taken this a step further by agreeing to share data between the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics 360.

The extension of the partnership means that marketers will be able see how email, mobile, and web interactions are performing and impacting each other all from within Marketing Cloud. Furthermore, from the third quarter of this year, the pair will launch a beta version of a feature enabling marketers to create audiences in Analytics 360 and then activate the audiences for engagement in Marketing Cloud.

“With Marketing Cloud data now available in Analytics 360, marketers can better understand marketing attribution by seeing how their content has influenced transactions, such as purchases. Marketers can now optimise their marketing content and channel mix by unearthing macro trends in consumer journeys,” said Armita Peymandoust, VP of product management at Salesforce, in a blog post.

“The integration of Marketing Cloud and Analytics 360 helps marketers take advantage of both products without the need to involve IT. Marketers can quickly authenticate to Analytics 360 from the Marketing Cloud and easily tag each email with the Analytics 360 campaign parameters.”