Google and Twitter Teaming Up for Instant Article Solution

FB-Instant-Articles.jpgGoogle and Twitter are partnering together to create their own answer to Facebooks Instant Articles, enabling publishers to provide their content to audiences using mobile phones in a faster, more convenient way.

According to Re/code, a pilot version of the software will launch with a small group of publishers during Q3 2015, as part of efforts to make it easier for publishers to distribute content on mobile devices.

Twitter users or Google search users who click on a link to specific publishers will see full articles pop up on their screens almost immediately, rather than having to wait several seconds for content to load.

While the premise initially sounds identical to Facebooks Instant Articles solution, there is one substantial difference: Google and Twitters publishing tools will be open source, and the two companies are hoping other firms will adopt the technology.

The companies will also not be hosting publisher content themselves, instead relying on cached web pages, which effectively present a snapshot of a webpage at a given time, taken from publisher sites.

Google has faced criticism recently over hosting more content on its own services, rather than sending search users through to the original site, particularly from European news publishers, so this move may be a way of appeasing them.

In addition, Google and Twitters solution wont be presented as a branded product in the same way Facebooks Instant Articles and Apples upcoming News app are. Instead, the technology will simply be integrated into existing platforms.