Google incubator launches Waze-like subway app

Tyrone Stewart

Pigeon NYC subway app Area 120Google’s in-house startup incubator, Area 120, has created a crowdsourced app to help users get around the New York subway system more easily – taking inspiration from Google’s own Waze app.

With Pigeon, users are told the easiest and most effective way of getting to their desired destination via the subway. Through real-time information from other users, people will be able to see where there are delays, where there are large crowds at a station, or where there are other potentially annoying incidents – such someone perform music on the platform.

“After years of living in New York City and commuting on the subway, the Pigeon team knows first-hand that public transit can be frustratingly unpredictable,” said Pigeon. So, when we started this project, we decided to create a product that lets subway riders help each other avoid delays, crowds, and incidents that make can make commuting so stressful.”

For now, the app is available exclusively to iOS users that have received an invitation code to try the app. Those without an invitation code can join a waiting list to receive one.

Pigeon says it hopes to make it easier to get around all cities eventually but, at least for the near future, will only focus on New York with no immediate plans to launch on Android either.