Google Assistant now allows voice-activated donations

Google Assistant donations

Google has added a new feature that enables users to donate money to any charity from their Android devices, using voice-command and Google Assistant. The voice-command update comes just after the Google Play Store added a charitable donation feature, enabling Android users to more easily donate from their smartphones and tablets.

In order to use Google Assistant to donate to any charity immediately, Google Assistant Payments must be enabled. Users can go to the Payments option in the Personal info tab in the Assistant settings, and then add a payment method, delivery address and approval method such as a password or fingerprint. After this step is completed, users start the process by saying “Hey Google, donate to charity”, or “Ok Google, make a donation”.

Google Assistant will ask the user which charity they would like to donate to and suggest the average donation amount of $10. The amount can be changed, and is finalized by saying “Donate now”, or “Yes”. With the confirmation of the transaction, a summary will be sent to the user’s device, with the fine print stating: “Nonprofits are not endorsed by Google. Your donation will go to Network for Good (NFG), a US nonprofit donor advised fund, which makes grants to recommended charities NFG takes exclusive legal control of donations, and will appear on your receipt.”

According to tests done by 9to5Google, the voice-command works on most Android and Google Home speakers, but some devices, including Smart Displays, still require the donation be finalized on a phone or table.  Both Google Assistant and the Google Play Store include charities that are searched during disasters, as well as charities included in YouTube Giving.