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Google Assistant is on its Way to Android TV

Tyrone Stewart

android-TV.jpgGoogle Assistant, Google’s rival to Siri and Alexa, is heading to Android TV over the next few months – with plans to bring the voice-controlled AI to smartwatches, in-car infotainment systems and other devices in the future.

The first devices expected to feature Google Assistant are the Nvidia Shield and all Android TVs in the US running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or Android 7.0 Nougat – including AirTV Player, Sharp Aquos, Sony Bravia and more. Google says the Nvidia Shield will be first of these devices to offer a ‘hands-free Assistant experience’ – meaning an ‘OK Google’ is all it takes to be activated. This could mean that other devices may require something like a voice remote to use Assistant.

Director of Android TV Sascha Prueter and product lead at Google Assistant Gummi Hafsteinsson wrote, in a post: “As part of an upcoming update on supported TVs and set-top boxes powered by Android TV, you’ll be able to ask the Google Assistant for help so you can enjoy the content you love, faster than ever, on the best screen in your house. No more typing or struggling to get to what you’re looking for — just ask the Google Assistant for help and you’re off to the races.”