Google delivers a bunch of audio ad tools for buyers and sellers

Tyrone Stewart

Google has expanded its programmatic audio capabilities, making a host of new features available for buyers and sellers in both Ad Manager and Display & Video 360 (DV360).

The new Ad Manager audio features, all currently in beta, include dynamic ad insertion, programmatic monetisation, and audio forecasting. The combination of the features is aimed at enabling publishers to develop a cross-format monetisation strategy across audio, video, and display.

With dynamic ad insertion, audio ads will insert ads into audio streams across devices, whichever way someone chooses to listen to their audio content. Meanwhile, audio forecasting will provide publishers with insight into the availability and performance of audio ads.

“These new audio features are just the beginning. For example, we're currently running a podcast ads pilot with AdSense partners, and will continue to explore podcast monetization solutions, so that publishers can grow revenue across this emerging format,” said Carol Walport, Product Manager for Google Ad Manager, in a blog post. “We'll develop more audio monetization solutions for our partners as new audio formats arise, whether it’s podcasts, smart speakers, or other connected audio devices.”

For DV360, the new audio capabilities are designed to simplify the ad creation process.

The Audio Mixer enables marketers to upload multiple tracks with full edit control to create their audio ads. It also gives brands and agencies the chance to add companion display creative to be shown with their audio.

In addition, Google is giving audio its own section in Marketplace. The section will highlight inventory from the likes of Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora, TuneIn, iHeart, AdsWizz, Triton Digital, and others.

Finally, later this year, Google will bring its brand lift ad measurement solution to audio. This will enable brands to evaluate the impact of their ads on brand perception and measure across audio, video, and YouTube campaigns.

“As the ability to reach people through audio continues to grow, we are working on building additional features to help advertisers take full advantage of the growing audience opportunity,” said Natalie Bennett, Product Manager for Display & Video 360, in a separate blog post. “This includes solutions for dynamic audio creation, contextual targeting, podcasts and more. We are excited for what the future of audio will bring.”