Google ‘Builds Project Tango Tablet’

Kirsty Styles

Project TangoAfter the launch in February of a smartphone that can sense space and motion, Google is now working on a tablet with similar capabilities.

The device can track full 3D motion, while simultaneously creating a map of the environment, and is tipped to be used to help the visually-impaired, for creating improved step-by-step directions and building more immersive videogames. The smartphone version makes more than 250,000 measurements every second by emitting an infrared light and building a map based on the light reflected back.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the second device from the Project Tango team within Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group will be ready to go live at the company's developer conference in June. A small run of 4,000 will be produced for developers to have a play with. Google says it wants to "create a mobile device unlike like any other, a mobile device that shares our sense of space and movement, that understands and perceives the world the same way we do."