Google Buys BYOD Firm Divide and Translator App Creator Quest Visual

DivideGoogle has acquired BYOD software company Divide for an undisclosed sum.

Divide offers a range of apps which separate personal and corporate data on users devices, which will continue to be available to existing customers only.

The company will become part of the Android team, presumably to help Google better push its devices to the enterprise, a niche once dominated by BlackBerry.

Google has certainly been busy with acquisitions of late. Not only is it rumoured to be in talks to acquire videogame streaming service Twitch, it has also bought Quest Visual, creator of the Word Lens Augmented Reality app.

The concept behind Word Lens is fantastic: train your devices camera on a sign or menu written in a different language and the app will overlay a translated version. The technology isnt quite there yet, but Quest Visual says it will be integrating with Googles Translate technology, which should give it a boost.

Word Lens is available on Glass, where it could potentially become the killer app that Googles smartglasses need.