Google Combines Social and Messaging with Spaces

google spacesGoogle has unveiled a new social app called Spaces, which revolves around a group chat interface similar to WhatsApp, Facebooks Messenger app or Slack.

Despite previous failures with ventures like Google+, the search giant appears undeterred when it comes to breaking into the social media market. Spaces will enable small groups of users to chat, while also linking them in to other Google services including search, Chrome and YouTube, enabling them to share content and links without having to switch apps.

Content within each Spaces chat will also be searchable, enabling users to retrieve information, links and conversations quickly, which could make the app a winner in business circles and position it as a rival to apps like Slack.

The app is being made available on iOS and Android, as well as versions available through mobile and desktop web browsers. Google is rolling the app out today, and will be showing it off at its annual I/O developer conference later this week, where it will encourage attendees to take part in group chats for specific sessions.

“Sharing things typically involves hopping between apps to copy and paste links,” said Luke Wroblewski, product director at Google. “Group conversations often dont stay on topic, and things get lost in endless threads that you cant easily get back to when you need them. We wanted to build a better group sharing experience.”