Google could be looking to introduce a game streaming service

GoogleGoogle is reportedly looking at grabbing a piece of the over $100bn pie that is the video game market with the introduction of a subscription-based game streaming service.

The tech giant is working on a service – codenamed ‘Yeti – that could either work with its Chromecast digital media players or even a Google-made gaming console which is in development, The Information reports, citing sources with knowledge of Google’s intentions.

The subscription service will enable people to play games as they are being streamed from Google’s Cloud server, as opposed to downloading games or using disks, similar to Sony’s PlayStation Now or Nvidia’s GeForce Now.

It’s not yet clear if Google intends to stream solely Android games to TV sets – because this is already relatively easy to do – or if it will make a true push into competition with the likes of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo by getting a look in on the rights to popular titles.

It’s reported that an early version of the service, which has been in development for two years, was designed to work over Chromecast – though it’s unclear how a controller was connected. The controller issue would be solved with a Google-made console, which the company is allegedly experimenting with currently.

The idea of a Google console holds some weight when the recent hiring of former PlayStation and Xbox executive Phil Harrison is taken into account. Harrison has joined the company as a vice president and general manager.