Google Extends Search Deep Links to Uninstalled Apps

App installsGoogle has added deep-linking results from apps to its Android search results.

When Google introduced app indexing in 2013, searches on Android began to include search results from apps the user had installed on their device. Google has since collated 30bn deep links from apps which have implemented indexing, and its hoping to attract even more publishers with this development.

The inclusion of search results from apps, whether or not they are installed on the device, opens up a new route to app discovery. If the user doesnt already have the app, they can tap the search result to install it and jump straight to the relevant deep-linked content.

Its currently not clear whether these results will be entirely organic, or whether these results will be sold as ad space, but in its announcement, Google did add that it is starting to use app indexing as a ranking signal for all Android users.

“You’ve invested time and effort into making your app an awesome experience, and we want to help people find the great content you’ve created,” said Google product manager Lawrence Chang.