Google Flights now uses AI to predict delays before airlines

Tyrone Stewart

Google Flights delay predictionsGoogle has introduced new features to its Flights travel search as it looks to remove the stress from having to deal with flight delays and understanding what’s actually included in budget fare options.

The search engine will now display reasons for a flight being delayed and, in its best psychic impression, predict which flights will be delayed before even the airlines have confirmed that is the case. It will make these predictions by using machine learning technology to cast its eye over historic flight status data to make a judgement on whether a delay can be expected. Google says it will only flag a potential delay when it is at least 80 per cent sure of its prediction, but still recommends people get to the airport as normal just in case.

In addition, Flights will now surface information from American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines regarding budget fare types such as ‘basic economy’. This information will inform people if things like overhead compartment space, seat selection, and baggage fees are included in the fare.