Google Gives a Closer Look at Project Glass

Google has released more information about how its wearable Glass devices will work, specifically focused around how the UI (User Interface) will look.

 A video, which you can watch below, shows the actual UI Glass will use in action, in a variety of situations – taking pictures and recording videos, sending voice messages, getting directions, and, of course, Googling for info or images.

For comparison, you can watch the original concept video from last year here. The UI in the new video appears to be a little less info-heavy, and much less obtrusive as a result.

If youre anything like us, the video has whet your appetite to try out Googles foray into wearable tech. The good news, then, is Google have also released details of how you can get your hands on one sooner rather than later, with the Glass Explorer test kits.

The bad news is that this requires not only winning a sort of competition – by posting how youd use the device on Twitter or Google+ with the #ifihadglass hashtag – but also, if successful, throwing down $1,500 (£980) and collecting your Glass device in person from an event in New York or Los Angeles.