Google Goes Live With GoMo

David Murphy

Google has launched its GoMo initiative to help helping businesses go mobile by providing them with the tools and resources they need to make their websites more mobile-friendly.

The GoMo website includes a GoMoMeter tool to enable businesses to see how their sites look and perform on mobile devices, and get personalized recommendations for developing a more mobile-friendly experience for their sites. It also explains what a mobile site is and why you need one, and showcases successful mobile sites.

Earlier this year Google revealed that 79 per cent of its largest advertisers do not have mobile-optimised web sites and has made it a priority to focus on the mobile needs of its advertisers.

The site also recommends 12 selected partners for building mobile sites, of whom the most familiar names are probably iLoop, NetBiscuits and Wapple. The others are Atimio, DudaMobile, Google Site Builder, iLoop Mobile, July Systems, Kishkee, Mobify, Moovweb, Unbound Commerce, and

"This initiative from Google is exactly what is required for advertisers to maximise return on investment on mobile,” says Wapple CEO, Rich Holdsworth. “We are overjoyed to be working on GoMo and have been pushing for brands to become mobile-friendly for many years. With our advanced mobile web technology platform and eight years' experience of mobile web marketing, we wish to make every one of our customers successful by delivering an experience designed for the consumer on the move and technically optimised for every single mobile device and browser."

NetBiscuits US MD Craig Besnoy adds: "Whether you're the CEO of a publicly traded company or the owner of a corner deli, you need to Go Mobile. Your customers are using their mobile devices to make purchases, find retail locations and make recommendations to their friends. GoMo is bringing our leading web development platform to millions of business owners who want to Go Mobile to engage customers wherever they are and no matter what device they are using."

Google GoMo program can get an exclusive two-month free trial of Netbiscuits. Members can sign up for their trial here using the promo code GOMOWITHNB