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Google Home has received its UK launch date, and is bringing wi-fi with it

Tyrone Stewart

Google’s Assistant-powered smart speaker answer to the Amazon Echo will be making its way to the UK in April. Google Home, which launched in the US in November 2016, will be joined by Google’s own wi-fi service next month in the UK.

Google Home is able to answer natural language queries by tapping into Google’s various applications and its machine learning capabilities. It is also able to provide news updates, the weather, music, translations, calculations, and more.

The smart speaker, like Amazon Echo, can be used to control smart devices in the home, like lighting, through brands including Nest, Phillips and Samsung SmartThings.

“There’s never a shortage of things to do in the home, and sometimes it’d be good to have a bit of help with them. Google Home is there for those times—like setting alarms, starting timers, or adding items to your shopping list—and, if you choose, it can even tell you about your schedule,” said Suveer Kothari, director of product partnerships & planning at Google Home, in a blog post

Google says it has ‘hidden a few British treats’ for people to discover because it knows ‘the UK has patiently waiting Google Home to arrive’. The speaker will be available from 6 April for £129 from the Google Store, Argos, Dixons, John Lewis and Maplin.

In addition to the Home, Google is introducing Google Wifi in the UK because ‘we all know how frustrating it can be when wireless connectivity fails at home’.  

Google Wifi is ‘a home solution that works with your modem and internet provide to bring you reliable coverage’. It is a connected system that replaces the current router and is said to provide ‘consistently strong coverage in your home’.

Google Wifi will also be available from 6 April and cost £129 from the same stores as Google Home. A pack of two will cost £229.