Google now lets you book your holiday through search results on mobile

Tyrone Stewart

Google travel searchFollowing the introduction of AI flight delay predictions to its Flights travel search, Google has made changes to the entire process in order to make planning journeys easier.

The internet giant has made changes to the way hotel search works on smartphones, offering users with better price filtering, more accessible amenity information, and the ability to book from within the search.

“Planning a trip involves lots of searching for flights, hotels, things to do, itineraries and more. The process is often cumbersome because we have to use multiple tools to gather everything we need – especially on a mobile phone,” said Eric Zimmerman, director of travel product management at Google, in a blog post.

“We’re evolving the way our hotel search works on smartphones to help users explore options and make decisions on their smallest screens.”

In addition, in some countries, mobile users will be able to tap right through to ‘Hotels’ from their Google Flights search, making it easier to check hotel availability and prices for the dates selected in that destination. This feature will also work the other way around – if the user searches for hotels first – and also when searching for a specific place or things to do there.

There’s also a ‘More Destinations’ button in the top left of search that enables users to explore other destinations they may be interested in, as well as a ‘Your Trips’ tab to provide a private reminder about upcoming and past travel reservations from Gmail.