Google debuts virtual visiting cards on Search

Google has introduced a Search feature that will enable people in India to set up cards with information about themselves – similar to the ones seen when you search a celebrity’s name.

The ‘people cards’ provide the opportunity for influencers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, job hunters, self-employed individuals, or anybody else that wants to be easily discovered on Google to share their websites, social profiles, and other information in their own card.

“If you’re trying to find someone on Search, these new cards make it quick and easy to find the right person,” said Lauren Clark, Product Manager for Google Search, in a blog post. “When you search for someone’s name and there’s a card available, you’ll see a module with the name, profession and location, which you can tap to see their card. For people who share the same name, you’ll see multiple modules, and the information can help you distinguish between the different individuals to find who you’re looking for.”

In order to create a people card, people must have a Google account. They then have to search for their own name or ‘add me to Search’ and tap the prompt that appears. This opens a form where users can add a description about themselves, links to their website or social profiles, and, if choose to, a phone number, address, email address, and work and education details.

Only one people card is allowed per Google account and they all have to be authenticated via a phone number – and any cards that are believed to be fakes can be reported to Google. Users can also choose to delete their card whenever they feel.

People cards are rolling out today for people in India searching on mobile. Currently, the feature is only available in English.