Google Introduces Scripts Support for TrueView in AdWords

Google on TabletGoogle has introduced scripts support for TrueView and six-second bumper ads to its online advertising service, AdWords, in a bid to make video campaign management easier.

Google says this will enable advertisers to programmatically create and manage video ad groups, targeting and other campaign features alongside search, display and shopping campaigns.

The script support is available for standard YouTube ad campaign types – like TrueView in-stream, TruView discovery and bumper ads – with Google hoping to expand functionality to additional campaign types, like shopping, in the future.

The availability of the tool for video means multi-step campaign manage tasks will be easier, according to Google. It is said to make scheduling regular reporting, creating new campaigns en masse and automating adjustments to campaigns based on real-time factor all easier.

Adwords, founded in 2000, is Google’s main source of revenue – contributing $43.7bn (£34.4bn) to Google’s total advertising revenues in 2012.