Google Introduces WebVR API to Chrome for Android Beta

Google DaydreamGoogle has introduced the WebVR API (Application Programming Interface) to the latest beta of Chrome for Android. The API will enable users to enjoy online VR content with a headset through the Chrome browser.

With the update, developers will have access to input and output capabilities of VR devices and access to the user’s positon and orientation – enabling web apps to render a stereoscopic 3D scene to a headset’s display.

To access the API in Chrome 56 for Android, web developers have to sign up for an Origin Trial – which also enables GamePad API extensions. The Origin Trial will enable the developer to introduce the feature for all Chrome users visiting their website.

Google says that WebVR ‘will be extended to desktop platforms and Google Cardboard in a future Chrome release’, with performance improvements coming in Chrome 57.

In the ever-evolving WebVR development game, this latest update by Google comes just days after Facebook’s Oculus released its WebVR Carmel Developer preview. The unknown entity that is WebVR continues to become clearer every day as the major players provide more insight.