Google Introduces Window Wonderland Virtual Walk to Take in NYCs Holiday Displays

Google Window WonderlandGoogle has teamed up with stores including Macy’s, Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Tiffany & Co. to recreate the feeling of strolling outside their iconic stores in Manhattan.

The Window Wonderland site enables people anywhere in the world to take a virtual tour of the holiday windows of 18 famous New York stores – using their smartphone or computer. With more than 5m people travelling to Manhattan from all over the world each year, during the holiday season, the virtual tour aims to allow people to enjoy the Christmas displays without the hustle and bustle.

Writing on Google’s blog, head of art, copy & code projects Aman Govil said: “We’ve taken hundreds of high-resolution photos of each window and stitched them together with a new technique that creates a rich, life-like panorama – you’ll feel like you’re standing on the streets of Manhattan during the holidays, gazing at the windows as if you were walking next to them.”

On the tour, virtual walkers will be able to zoom in and see the details of the displays, as well as listen to audio guides from the stores’ creative directors. In addition, those with VR headsets will be given a 360° experience – taking in the city streets’ sounds and sights alongside other onlookers.