Google Is Suggesting What Apps to Delete to Clear Space

google play store uninstallBetween data-heavy apps, music files, video and photos, many smartphone users are struggling with the amount of memory on their devices, and downloading a new app can often lead to a hunt for what rarely-used piece of software can be deleted to make room.

Google has been testing a new feature in its Play Store aimed at solving, or at least remedying, this problem, with an updated user interface that suggests which apps could be uninstalled to make room for new downloads.

According to Android Police, the feature has been in public testing since May, and displays how much memory is needed to download an app, what apps are least used on the device, and how much memory each of these take up, with a simple tick box interface enabling users to delete these apps to clear space.

While the feature includes a link to Storage Settings, where users can delete photos, videos, music and other downloaded files, it seems to prioritise apps for deletion, probably due to its nature as a Play Store feature, rather than a general clean-up service.

The feature has not had a general release yet, and appears to still be in testing with no concrete plans for a global rollout. Lack of disk space is a problem that affects the low-end market considerably more than those with high-end devices, and given that Android has used this sector to beef up its market share in its battle against Apple, Google developing a solution to this sort of problem is no surprise.