Google is thinking about killing off URLs in mobile search

Google on tabletGoogle could be looking to create cleaner, more streamlined search results on mobile by choosing to remove the URLs of the sites listed.

One of the potential changes, which was first reported by The Next Web, would see search results only displaying the page’s title, a thumbnail, and a blurb. Another variation of the change that Google is testing would continue to include URLs – just in a neater fashion than in the past, though less clean than the alternative test – but put more emphasis on those that are AMP URLs.

Any potential change that Google does implement would come with the feeling of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, and would, in the case of the first potential overhaul, take the attention away from the sites listed in results.

The Alphabet-owned company has never been afraid to mix things up on its mobile search. And this was none more clear back in 2015 when it gave us the Mobilegeddon, which gave priority to sites that display well on mobile devices.

Last week, it was revealed that Facebook was attempting its best Google impression by preparing a Mobilegeddon of its own in prioritising stories that load the quickest on mobile within its News Feed.

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