Google launches new tools to address mobile site speeds

GoogleOn the back of a study revealing the top mobile sites in the retail, travel, and financial verticals, Google has released a pair of tools to help companies understand and improve their mobile sites.

Google’s mobile site benchmarks study – which analysed the usability and speed of the most visited mobile sites – found that Etsy’s mobile site comes out on top when it comes to retail, while is best functioning mobile site for travel and best within the financial spectrum.

To help businesses catch up to the quality displayed by the above companies, Google has introduced a ‘Speed Scorecard’ and an ‘Impact Calculator’.

The Speed Scorecard tool enables companies of any size to enter their URL to see how their mobile site’s speed compares against the top brands in 12 countries. Meanwhile, the Impact Calculator enables all companies to enter their URL to see how much additional revenue they could gain by improving their page speed.

According to Google, a mobile site with 150,000 monthly site visitors, an initial conversion rate of 2.5 per cent, and an average order value of $75 can see an increase of $255,000 in annual revenue by improving load time from six seconds to three.