Google launches the App Policy Center for publishers

Google has created a new App Policy Center that will aim to better communicate and organize advertising policies for users of Google AdMob and Ad Manager. The App Policy Center is now available on the homepage dashboard, once a user signs into their account. Google hopes the new center will prevent publishers from losing revenue due to policy violations that were previously less clear. 

Using the new feature, Google AdMob and Ad Managers can view any current warnings, violations, and appeals in progress. Users can also appeal violations within a 30-day window, and request reviews after originally addressing violations.

“The App Policy Center is part of our effort to protect quality AdMob and Ad Manager publishers while building and maintaining a healthy and trustworthy advertising ecosystem. It is designed to provide publishers with a single centralized hub to review and monitor policy violations and appeals, providing publishers with greater insight into our policy enforcement process,” wrote John Brown, publisher policy and communication lead, Google.

Google will continue to notify users via email if a policy has been enforced on an app, an app receives a violation, a warning turns into an enforcement, or when a review request is received, accepted, or rejected.