Google launches tool to help businesses improve the speed of their mobile sites

Google Test My SiteGoogle has introduced a tool to help advertisers and publishers improve the performance and speed of their mobile sites. ‘Test My Site’ is a free tool designed to educate advertisers and publishers on how to improve site performance and understand how mobile speed impacts their conversion.

With the tool, businesses can see the speed of their entire site and individual pages; whether their site or page speed is faster or slower compared to the previous month; whether their site or page speed ranks as ‘Fast’, ‘Average’, or ‘Slow’; how their site speed compares to others; the potential impact of site speed on revenue; a list of recommended fixes for up to five pages on their site; and a complete report to share with the team.

“Because mobile is where most people turn when they want to know, go, do or buy, it’s important to deliver the kind of mobile experience that people expect today: one that’s fast, engaging and doesn’t get in the way of what they want to accomplish,” said Jerry Dischler, VP of product management at Google, in a blog post.

In addition to Test My Site, Google has also introduced more availability and growth of Rich Communications Services (RCS) business messaging.