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Google Launching Smart Home Competitor to Amazon's Echo

Alex Spencer

Google Home

The Home reportedly resembles Google's OnHub router

Google is holding its IO developer conference later today, and the rumours are starting to come flooding in. We've already seen reports of a standalone VR headset, and there are now reports that Google is set to unveil a voice-activated smart home device, Google Home.

According to the New York Times, Home will be 'a virtual agent that answers simple questions and carries out basic tasks', similar to Amazon's Echo device.

The Amazon Echo has so far sold 3m units since it launched at the tail end of 2014, and the AI virtual assistant underpinning the system, Alexa, looks to be an increasingly large part of Amazon's tech strategy.

Google Home, set to launch this autumn, was first reported earlier this month by Recode, under its codename, 'Chirp'. The device will reportedly have a cylindrical form factor similar to Google's OnHub wireless router (which itself looks a lot like the Echo).

For the full details on this and everything else being announced at IO, check the site later today for our coverage.