Google Opens Daydream VR App Development to Everybody

Google DaydreamGoogle has opened up development and submission of Daydream VR apps to anyone who wishes to make and submit an app through the Play Store. Previously, Google was only working with a select group of partners to build apps for the platform.

Apps developed and submitted must meet app quality requirements laid out by Google to ‘ensure a great user experience’. Only apps that meet the mentioned criteria will qualify as Daydream apps. Some of the criteria listed includes the app having a stable horizon line, camera movement being user-initiated, the app manifest setting correct VR styles, the app installs and runs without crashing, and many more.

Developers are required to opt-in to Daydream distribution, so that their apps can be made discoverable on Google Play VR and Daydream Home. Upon submission, apps are reviewed and checked against the app quality requirements. If all criteria is met, the app is made discoverable to Daydream users.