Google Opens Glass Sales to US Humans for One Day Only

Kirsty Styles

Glass framesGoogle is putting Glass on open sale to the US public for the first time next week.

The company says that a 'limited' number will be on offer - still at a whopping $1,500 plus tax - but new Explorers will be able to choose from Google's growing range of frames. People can register their interest on the site and then be notified when the sale goes live at 6am PDT on 15 April.

Current Google Explorers have been recruited from Google development events like I/O, Explorer referrals, university programmes and even speculative #ifihadglass tweets. Google says its users are a mix of mums, bakers, surgeons and... rockers.
Google has said the device is no ready to expand beyond the US, but interest is certainly mounting, just check out the response I saw at Birmingham's The Gadget Show this week. It's actually a bit scary.