Google and PayPal team up to make mobile payments easier

Tyrone Stewart

Google and PayPal have extended their partnership to make it easier for consumers to use PayPal as a payment method in Android Pay.

The partnership will enable consumers in the US to link their PayPal account to their Android Pay account from within either the Android Pay app or the PayPal app. The feature will begin rolling out in the ‘next few weeks’.

“Millions of people already use their PayPal account to make online purchases, receive payments and send money to friends and family,” said Pali Bhat, global head of payment products at Google, in a blog post. “Soon they can start using the same PayPal account to tap and pay with their phones in stores and speed through checkout in Android apps.”

Initially, users will be able to pay using their PayPal balance, with the ability to pay using cards stored on PayPal being introduced ‘over the coming months’.

Coming soon, consumers in the US will be able to use PayPal in Android Pay at retailers from Walgreens to Dunkin' Donuts,” said Bill Ready, EVP and COO at PayPal, in a post. “This partnership will enable our customers to pay across even more contexts, and will extend PayPal’s mobile leadership and reach as consumers become more comfortable shopping and buying on their mobile devices.”