Google Planning Two New Nexus Models for Android Release

android-carousel.jpgGoogle is expected to release two new Nexus smartphones, the pure Android mobiles produced in partnership with various manufacturers, in order to showcase the latest version of its Android mobile operating system at the end of this month.

Invitations were sent out on Friday to selected press and tech industry insiders, promising “some new tasty treats and much smore”, a sly reference to Marshmallow, the nickname for the newest version of Android.

Nexus smartphones are designed to display the newest capabilities of Android without any additional software added by manufacturers, giving consumers and chance to experience an unadulterated example of the operating system.

Google has worked with numerous manufacturers to create its Nexus phones in the past. This year it will be partnering with South Koreas LG Electronics and Chinese smartphone maker Huawei Technologies.

Google working with Huawei is especially notable, given the brands popularity in its native China. Google left the Chinese market in 2010, but has recently made overtures about re-entering mainland China, promising a modified version of the Google Play Store that will meet Chinas strict standards.

The LG Nexus model is expected to include NFC technology that will enable it to be used in conjunction with Googles recently launched Android Pay mobile payments solution, which is gearing up for a fight with Apple Pay and the various other contactless solutions entering the market.