Google rolls out new tools for developers to earn from non-paying app users

Tyrone Stewart

Google Play rewarded productsGoogle has introduced a new way for Android developers to monetise their apps and games by making money from users who aren’t willing to make in-app purchases.

With ‘rewarded products’, developers are able to ensure revenue contributions from even their non-paying users by asking them to pay with their time, rather than money, in exchange for in-app rewards.

The first product rolled out by Google is a rewarded video format. This format will enable users to choose to watch a video ad in exchange for virtual goods or in-game currency as a rewarded for viewing the ad.

Rewarded products can be added by developers to any app which uses the Google Play Billing Library or AIDL interface with no extra SDK integration required.

“Developers are increasingly using multiple methods to monetise their apps and games,” said Patrick Davis, product manager of Google Play, in a blog post. “One trend has been to reward users for a monetisable action, like watching a video, with in-game currency or other benefits. This gives users more choice in how they experience the app or game, and has been an effective way to monetise non-paying users.”