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Google Play Store Opening its Doors to Desktop

Alex Spencer

Chrome OS Play StoreGoogle is making its 2m Android apps available on Chrome OS for desktop devices.


The Play Store will be available on certain Chromebook laptops starting in early June, with support then expanding to more devices over time.

The apps will support mouse, keyboard and/or touch input, and make use of the devices' wi-fi and Bluetooth as applicable.

To account for the difference in form factor, mobile apps can be shown in three different window sizes in Chrome OS, which can be multi-tasked with other apps – but Google is also encouraging developers to optimise their apps specifically for Chromebook.

"Chromebooks have always been about making computing more accessible for everyone, and by bringing together the best of Android and Chrome OS, we are taking a big leap forward," wrote Chrome OS software engineers Dylan Reid and Elijah Taylor in a blog post. "Not only are we addressing many of the existing needs and use cases that people have for their Chromebooks, we are also betting on the millions of developers who are innovating every day to build the next great experience that wasn’t even possible on PC platforms before."

Google cites IDC figures which showed that Chromebook shipments in the US overtook Apple Macs in Q1 2016 to become the market's second largest PC operating system.