Google Preps New Mobile-focused Display Ad Formats

kate spade ad formatGoogle is set to roll out a new series of display ad formats in the coming months that are designed specifically to engage mobile users.

The new formats and tools will be deployed across the Google Display Network, AdMob network and DoubleClick services, and utilise rich, media-centric HTML5 formatting that make use of existing brand assets. The ads will dynamically resize to fit different devices, and marketers only pay when users engage with them.

The new formats include TrueView video ads, which have been running across gaming apps already and will be expanded to the rest of the app market, anchor ads that sit at the bottom of the screen and magazine style text ads which launch as interstitials.

In a blog post accompanying the announcement, Jonathan Alfterness, director of product management for mobile display ads at Google, wrote that “mobile devices offer a new canvas for advertisers to connect with consumers, but painting on this canvas has not always been easy. Many marketers started out by shrinking down their existing display ads for mobile, but this didnt always make for a great consumer experience.

“They also discovered that frequently their existing display ads were not able to run on mobile devices or on mobile browsers. But now, a new generation of display ads is changing how advertisers engage with consumers on mobile devices.”