Google rolls out Programmatic Guaranteed to all DoubleClick users with new features

Tyrone Stewart

Google patioGoogle has made Programmatic Guaranteed available to all DoubleClick Bid Manager and DoubleClick for Publishers users with two new features – as it moves to silence criticisms and allegations levelled at it in recent months.

Programmatic Guaranteed is a method of delivering ad campaigns where the number of impressions received by a campaign are ‘guaranteed’, thus going toward ensuring brand safety.

To improve the Programmatic Guaranteed, Google has introduced support for buyer audience lists and sponsorships.

Using audience lists, advertisers are able to target or exclude their own audience lists – meaning they are only serving ads to their target audiences and have less media waste as a result. In addition, sponsorships enable publishers to sell high-value inventory on a flat-fee sponsorship basis.

“At DoubleClick, we’ve always focused on building solutions that help publishers and advertisers connect in better ways,” said Google DoubleClick in a blog post. “Today (5 April), delivering on that goal means giving advertisers the programmatic tools to find and reach their audiences across their preferred publisher partners. It also means giving publishers the flexibility to negotiate a variety of different types of deals that can be delivered programmatically, including direct deals that were historically transacted via paper insertion orders and tags.”