Google Releases Android Wear Game to Inspire Developers

games in motionGoogle has released an open source “game sample” called Games in Motion to developer community GitHub with the aim of demonstrating how app makers can incorporate Google Fit and Android Wear features into games.

The game is designed to be played while jogging, and sends interactive missions to Android Wear devices, while also displaying run statistics such as distance run and duration, and logging them to the cloud.

The missions, which are themed around secret agents, aim to recreate the feeling of James Bond-style gadgets using wearable technology, enabling users to drop smoke bombs to escape enemies and engage with other interactive experiences.

With many eyes turned towards the Apple Watch and the first apps emerging to take advantage of a wearable iOS device, Google is hoping to demonstrate that Android Wear is a legitimate competitor to the Apple Watch.

The game makes use of a combination of Android technologies, with the idea of inspiring the developers behind similar Android games that make use of multiple devices to create unique experiences for Android users.