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Google is giving users more control over the ads they see

Tyrone Stewart

Google Mute This AdGoogle has added more controls in its ad settings, enabling users to turn off reminder ads, mute ads across devices, and see the ‘Mute This Ad’ option in more places.

With the update, users will be able to turn off ads that remind them about products they have browsed for in the past through ‘Ad Settings’. Users will be able view information about the reminder ads, and control which advertisers are allowed to show them the ads.

In addition, ‘Mute This Ad’ will now work across devices. So, if a user is signed into their Google account on their smartphone and mute and ad, this ad will also be muted on desktop or any other device they are also signed in to. On top of that, Google is expanding Mute This Ad to work across more apps and websites that it partners with.

“Billions of people use Google every day, and each one experiences our products differently,” said Jon Krafcik, group product manager for data privacy and transparency at Google, in a blog post. “That's why we build and refine tools —like My Account, the Privacy Checkup, and My Activity—so that you can easily understand your Google data and adjust your privacy preferences, at any time.”