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Google retires AdWords and DoubleClick brand names

Tim Maytom

Google has announced the biggest-ever rebranding of its advertising platform, retiring both the DoubleClick and AdWords brands in an effort to streamline the different entry points for both advertisers and publishers.

The basic ad buying tool will now simply be called 'Google Ads', and will provide access to all inventory on Google search, the Google Play app store, YouTube, and Google's 3m partner properties. Google Ads will also boast a simplified interface, with automation helping advertisers to design and run campaigns.

AdSense, Google's tool for small websites, and AdMob, for mobile app developers, will remain, and Google has said that no services are merging, and no fees will change. Google Marketing Platform will be the higher-end software for ad buyers, while large ad sellers will use a complementary tool called Google Ads Manager. 

Google Marketing Platform will bring together DoubleClick Digital Marketing and the Google Analytics 360 Suite, and is designed to help marketers plan, buy, measure and optimise digital campaigns. DoubleClick Search will become Search Ads 360, and Display & Video 360 will bring together features from a number of Google's display ad products, including DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, Studio and Audience Centre.

"The online world was very different when DoubleClick debuted in 1996," said Brad Bender, vice president of display and video advertising. "Things we take for granted today, like texting emoji, sharing funny YouTube videos, or taking smartphone selfies were all years away.

"Of course, changes in technology have meant changes for digital marketers. There's been an explosion of channels, formats and data, Consumers are also more aware of how they're being marketed to and how their data is being used - and they want more control."

Google Ad Manager is designed to work closely together with Marketing Platform, providing publishers with a unified platform that combines DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange. The platform aims to offer increased controls for publishers, as well as improved transparency.

"Since the acquisition of DoubleClick over 10 years ago, we've continuously evolved our platforms to help our partners grow their revenue and create sustainable businesses with advertising," said Jonathan Bellack, director of product management at Google. "That's why, for the last three years, we've been doing more to bring DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers together into a truly unified platform. Today's DoubleClick has also evolved beyond our roots in the web to become an ad platform for the next generation of content, from mobile applications by developers like King, to multi-platform video from publishers like Cheddar."