Google Rolls App Install Ads out to Search and YouTube

google search adGoogle has unveiled new Google Search and Youtube ad offerings today aimed at enabling developers to promote their apps via the two sites.

The offerings, which have been released globally, enable developers and advertisers to introduce ap install ads, giving consumers a direct path to their app offerings using the Google Play store. The company claims that in “just three easy steps”, companies can establish promotion for their apps using the simplified campaign set-up flow.

Search ads created using the new system will only display to consumers who dont already have the app on their phones, but new functionality will also allow advertisers to deep link users directly from Google Search into specific pages of their apps if they already have a large user base to re-target.

YouTube will allow for app install ads in a similar way, by enabling developers to link their apps ID to Trueview video ad campaigns, targeting users based on interests, demographics and previously-viewed videos.

According to Google, the new functionalities it has introduced allow for better discovery, easier re-engagement and enhanced measurement, with conversions measured across the entire lifecycle of an app, from install to in-app purchases.