Google rolls out tools to help advertisers connect with audiences on YouTube

YouTubeGoogle has introduced a range of tools to help advertisers capture the attention of their audience and measure the impact of their campaigns on YouTube.

Google has expanded the ways that its ecosystem can be used via Custom Affinity Audiences to reach people based on the kind of searches they do, or the kind of places and apps they like.

In addition, the tech giant is launching Director Mix to enable custom creative at scale. This tool aims to simplify the process of creating different versions of the same creative for each specific audience. Advertisers just have to provide the tool with different voiceovers, background and copy, and it will create thousands of versions to match various audience segments.

YouTube’s parent has also introduced Video Ad Sequencing for advertisers on the video sharing website. The feature, which has been added to AdWords Labs, will help advertisers create an ad experience that unfolds over time by stringing together ad creative.

Finally, Google is rolling out a global approach to measuring sales lift with Nielsen Match Panel Analysis (MPA). The geo-based solution provides a way for advertisers to determine which online ads are driving offline sales. On top of that, Google has expanded it Oracle Datalogix ROI offering in the US to include six-second bumper ads.

“At YouTube, our aim is to show ads that are relevant and useful, so that instead of interrupting people’s viewing experiences, you’re enhancing them,” said Diya Jolly, senior director of product management at Google and product lead of monetisation at YouTube. “This means matching what advertisers have to offer with what people are interested in—leading to a better YouTube experience backed up by comprehensive user controls.”