Google scraps domain names in favour of location auto-detection for search

Google local searchGoogle has made changes to search that mean top level domain names no longer matter across mobile web, Google for iOS, and desktop Search and Maps.

Previously, the nature of the search results received depended on the domain name being used such as,,,,, and so on. However, with this update, Google will now serve search results based on the location the user is currently in, regardless of the domain name they choose to use.

For example, if the user visits but is currently holidaying in Australia, they will receive search results tailored the fact that they’re in Australia. Similarly, the service received will automatically change whenever the user connects to Google in a different country. The country service currently being received can be seen at the bottom of the search results page.

Despite the changes, it is still possible for the user to change the country service, if it is set to the incorrect country or if they would prefer to be served search results for somewhere else, via settings.

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