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Google is testing a lighter version of Search for emerging markets

Tyrone Stewart
Google Search Lite
Android Police

Google is reportedly testing a light version of its Search app aimed at areas with slow or low-quality mobile and internet connections.

According to Android Police, the test is being run in Indonesia, where Google showed ads on Facebook inviting users to try out the app. Much like the selection of ‘Lite’ apps that have been released recently, Search Lite makes searching on Google faster and uses less data. It also supports offline features is believed to take up less space on a phone when installed, as well as requiring less RAM to work.

On top of the features traditionally associated with Lite aps, Search Lite also features quick access icons, that can be personalised, to things like news, weather, sports scores, music, and more. In addition, like the regular Search, it can perform both voice and text searches.

It is important to note that the app is still marked as ‘experimental’, so these features are subject to change.

Earlier this year, Google subsidiary YouTube launched an offline first Android app for areas with low connectivity called YouTube Go. This year has also seen Twitter join the party with its Twitter Lite mobile web experience, as well as LinkedIn with its LinkedIn Lite app.  

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